Further Signals From A Julian House Archive: Ether Signposts #27/52a

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    I’ve briefly mentioned the The House Of Julian Flikr group that collects Julian House’s artwork and design work before…

    Though I don’t visit it all that often (it’s not actually updated all that often, which I quite like as you’re not running to catch up with it) but it’s always a treat to do so when I do…

    …and I thought it would be good to revisit around these parts…

    I think it’s probably the best display/collection of his work that I have come across and includes his work for the Ghost Box Records label he co-founded with Jim Jupp, interconnected work with/for Broadcast, his design work for clients via Intro (book covers, records etc) and some exhibition work and photographs.

    The Soundcarriers-The House Of Julian-Julian House-Ghost Box Records-2

    Although not exhaustive it seems to capture the ongoing styles, themes and aesthetics of his work.

    I’m not quite sure how to define that style but occult, psychedelic, op-art, pop-culture, spectral layering and collaging may be heading in the right direction.

    Julian House-The House Of Julian-Ghost Box Records

    (I use the word occult more in the sense of it meaning hidden, arcane or esoteric – though there is some of the other kind in the work. Psychedelic I use more in the sense of meaning exploratory, of creating connecting points or portals to other realities than the more directly 1960s take on such things – though also here and there, there are traces and reflections of such things.)

    Julian House-House Of Julian-Ghost Box Records-Intro-exhibition

    Anyways, well worth a visit or two…

    (File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

    Directions and Destinations: The House Of Julian


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