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Day #103/365: Image D/2: Once Dark, Now Stilled

Image D2-Once Dark Now Stilled-A Year In The Country
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A Year In The Country: Work

Something of a nod towards William Blake’s Jerusalem poem and it’s reference to “dark Satanic mills”.

I think I’ve tended to think of that part of the poem being about mills etc in cities but living in the countryside for the first time since I was a child I’ve realised just how much industry, mining and engine works etc there were in the countryside. As I’ve learned about where I live I’ve discovered about all kinds of long forgotten works, subterranean tunnels and abandoned mines which have sucked down the concrete foundations of newer buildings and so on.

Now these once mighty industrial edifices and engines are largely tourist attractions or have been left to crumble, although there is still a suprising amount of industry of one sort or another that occurs slightly off the main track in amongst the “pleasant pastures” and “clouded hills”.

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