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image-a5-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #1/52a: Image A/1a / A New Spin-Around-The Sun
day-2-365b-by-our-selves-andrew-kotting-swedenborg-society-book-4Wanderings #1/52a: Something Of A Rare By Our Selves Wandering And Encasing
Peter Mitchell-RRB Photo books-scarecrows-Some Thing means Everything to SomebodyEther Signposts #1/52a: Peter Mitchell’s Some Thing means Everything to Somebody
The-Owl-Service-TV-program-A-Year-In-The-Country-3bAudio Visual Transmission Guide #1/52a: The Owl Service intro
Artifact Report #1/52a: The Marks Upon The Land / The Dark Chamber EP – Preorder And Release Dates
The Quietened Bunker-Night and Dawn Editions-release date-A Year In The Country-2Artifact Report #2/52a: Transmissions From The Quietened Bunker…
Delia Derbyshire Diorama-HeyKidsRocknRollEther Signposts #2/52a: Delia Derbyshire Handmade Diorama
day-3a-merry-england-merry-brownfield-folk-costume-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #2/52a: Merry Brownfield’s Merry England / The Eccentricity Of English Attire
The Tomorrow People-credits-intro-1970sAudio Visual Transmission Guide #2/52a: The Tomorrow People Intro
image-b1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #2/52a: Image B/1a
Artifact Report #3/52a: The Marks Upon The Land Clips
The Village Of The Damned Midwich Cuckoos bunting-2-heykidsrocknroll copyEther Signposts #3/52a: Village of the Damned / Midwich Cuckoos Hand Made Glow in the Dark Bunting
luke-haines-smash-the-system-album-morris-dancers-a-year-in-the-country-stroke-1Wanderings #3/52a: Luke Haines “our most non-hauntological hauntologist” – irrefutable proof / intertwining
Broadcast And The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age-video-Julian House-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #3/52a: Broadcast and The Focus Group – #1 : Witch Cults
image-c1a-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #3/52a: Image C/1a
the-forest-the-wald-released-dawn-and-night-editions-a-year-in-the-country-bArtifact Report #4/52a: The Forest / The Wald Reviews & Transmissions
Brutal London-Construct Your Own Concrete Capital book-Prestel-2Ether Signposts #4/52a: Brutal London – Construct Your Own Concrete Capital
an-antidote-to-indifference-caught-by-the-river-field-recording-special-2-cheryll-tipp-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #4/52a: An Antidote To Indifference – Field Recording Special #2, Otherly Geometries and Layered Resonances
The Children Of The Stones series-introAudio Visual Transmission Guide #4/52a: Children Of The Stones intro
image-d1a-a-year-in-the-country-strokeOcular Signals #4/52a: Image D/1a
The Dark Chamber-insert-The Marks Upon The Land-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #5/52a: The Dark Chamber EP / The Marks Upon The Land Clips
Layout 1Ether Signposts #5/52a: Homer Sykes Once A Year And A Lineage Of Folk Custom Wanderings
jason-steel-straw-bear-band-robert-sunday-rif-mountain-a-year-in-the-country-2Wanderings #5/52a: A Return Visit To And From Rif Mountain
Archie Fisher-Orfeo-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #5/52a: Archie Fisher’s Orfeo
image-e1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #5/52a: Image E/1a
Artifact Report #6/52a: The Marks Upon The Land Book / The Dark Chamber EP – Available To Pre-order
duke-of-burgundy-the-2014-004-sidse-babett-knudsen-chiara-danna-bicycyle-silhouetteEther Signposts #6/52a: Peter Strickland – six films that fed into The Duke of Burgundy
sapphire-steel-tv-times-1979-july-7-13-cover-a-year-in-the-countryWanderings #6/52a: Transuranic Encasements / The Non-Capturing Of Elusive Phantasms
Stan Brakhage-Mothlight-1963-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #6/52a: Stan Brakhage’s Mothlight
image-f1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #6/52a: Image F/1a
Was Ist Das handwritten review-The Forest The Wald-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #7/52a: Was Ist Das? Handwritten Considerations…
Kate Bush Clippings website-2bEther Signposts #7/52a: Lionheart-ess Archiving #1
roadside-britain-sam-mellish-cafes-photography-book-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #7/52a: Brutalist Breakfasts
Curse Of The Crimson Altar-Super 8 versionAudio Visual Transmission Guide #7/52a: Curse Of The Crimson Altar – Super 8 Version
image-g1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-country-strokeOcular Signals #7/52a: Image G/1a
John Coulthart-The-Quietened-Village-Fractures-The-Quietened-Bunker-The-Forest-The-Wald-A-Year-In-The-CountryArtifact Report #8/52a: Feuilleton Wanderings
Brutal East-Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc-Zupagrafika-2Ether Signposts #8/52a: Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc
kid-koala-ghost-box-records-the-focus-group-we-are-all-pans-people-a-year-in-the-countryWanderings #8/52a: Dropping Science: From Endtroducing to The Electronique Void Via Haunted Tea Rooms And Pans People
Bruton Music Flexi-Steens Dilemma-via James CargillAudio Visual Transmission Guide #8/52a: Bruton Music Flexi – Steens Dilemma (via James Cargill)
image-h1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #8/52a: Image H/1a
16836277_591309924396452_6140776486169340439_oArtifact Report #9/52a: At Home With Include Me Out
Folk Horror Revival logo-2Ether Signposts #9/52a: Folk Horror Revival And A Rising From The Furroughs
windmills-and-watermills-1970s-books-restoration-rj-de-little-althea-john-reynolds-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #9/52a: If “Sometimes Slightly Dour 1970s Books On Windmills That Have Subtley Gained A Layer Or Two Of Extra Resonance With The Passing Of Time” Was A Quite Long Book Genre
Beyond The Black Rainbow-still-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #9/52a: Beyond The Black Rainbow and Phase IV
image-i1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #9/52a: Image I/1a
Artifact Report #10a/52a: The Marks Upon The Land / The Dark Chamber EP book, CD & cassette released
Folk Horror Revival website logoEther Signposts #10/52a: From the Forests, Fields and Furrows: A Folk Horor Introduction by Andy Paciorek / Where To Begin by Adam Scovell
professor-bernard-quatermass-a-bakers-dozen-a-year-in-the-countryWanderings #10/52a: A Baker’s Dozen Of Professor Bernard Quatermass
Beyond The Black Rainbow-still-2b copyAudio Visual Transmission Guide #10/52a: Beyond The Black Rainbow Soundtrack Clips
Image-J1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #10/52a: Image J/1a
The Golden Apples Of The Sun Radio Show-The Marks Upon The Land-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #11/52a: The Marks Upon The Land And Fellow Travellers; Broadcasts And Reviews
Folk and folk horror books-Seasons They Change-Electric Eden-Witches Hats-Field Studies-Adam Scovell-bEther Signposts #11/52a: A Small But Dedicated Growing Library Of Albionic Undercurrents & Folk Horror
day-8-anthony-burton-wilderness-britain-jorge-lewinski-book-1985-a-year-in-the-countryWanderings #11/52a: Ancient Lands And A Very Particular Atmosphere From Back When
Broadcast and The Focus Group-2-I See, So I See So-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #11/52a: Broadcast and The Focus Group – #2: I See, So I See So
image-k1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-country-strokeOcular Signals #11/52a: Image K/1a
The Restless Field-cover art-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #12/52a: The Restless Field – Preorder And Release Dates
OM-1 cassette synthesizer-2Ether Signposts #12/52a: OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer
katalina-varga-2009-peter-strickland-a-year-in-the-country-4Wanderings #12/52a: Katalina Varga, Conjuring Worlds And Arthouse Evolution
Oberon A Midsummers Night Dream-psych acid folk 1971Audio Visual Transmission Guide #12/52a: Oberon’s Nottanum Town
image-l1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #12/52a: Image L/1a
The Restless Field-Night Edition-landscape sticker artwork 2-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #13/52a: The Restless Field – Clips Online
Buckminster Fuller Inc-Architecture in the Age of Radio-2Ether Signposts #13/52a: Buckminster Fuller Inc.: Architecture in the Age of Radio
boards-of-canada-tomorrows-harvest-warp-artcard-edition-a-year-in-the-country-1cWanderings #13/52a: Boards Of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest; Stuck At The Starting Post / Tumbled From A Future Phase IV?
Midwinter-The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow-Prog Temple-acid psych folkAudio Visual Transmission Guide #13/52a: Midwinter’s The Skater
Image-M1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #13/52a: Image M/1a
FB-The Restless Field-Simon Reynolds-Blissblog-the sunday experienceArtifact Report #14/52a: The Restless Field at Simon Reynold’s blissblog and the sunday experience
Further-Portico Gallery DJ Food-flierEther Signposts #14/52a: Further – A Temporary Audio Visual Space
cover-art-by-new-music-graphics-book-adrian-shaughnessy-ghost-box-records-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #14/52a: The Unexpected Arrival Of Spectral Containment Systems #1
Flypaper - Revolt From the Monolith-Come Back to the VillageAudio Visual Transmission Guide #14/52a: Flypaper – Revolt From the Monolith/Come Back to the Village
image-n1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #14/52a: Image N/1a
The Restless Field-Night and Dawn Editions-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #15/52a: The Restless Field – Preorder Available
The Delaware Road event-July 28th 2017-1bEther Signposts #15/52a: The Delaware Road at Kelvedon Hatch
britain-from-above-book-bbc-ian-harrison-andrew-marr-a-year-in-the-country-4Wanderings #15/52a: Other Views / The Patterns Beneath The Plough, The Pylons And Amongst The Edgelands #1
Tiny Tinkles-Strange Sounds BBC Radio 4Audio Visual Transmission Guide #15/52a: The Curious Audio Explorations of Radio 4’s Strange Sounds Collection
image-01a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #15/52a: Image O/1a
The Restless Field-whisperandhollerin review-Syndae podcast-Flatland Frequencies radio show-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #16/52a: The Restless Field at Flatland Frequencies, Syndae and whisperandhollerin
Vashti Bunyan-From Here To Before-Kieran Evans-2008 film-5Ether Signposts #16/52a: Vashti Bunyan: From Here To Before and Whispering Fairy Stories Until They Are Real
Kate Bush-Mojo Magazine-2016-United Biscuit Network radio-A Year In The CountryWanderings #16/52a: A Lionheart-ess In Amber / Amongst The Biscuit Crumbs
The Living And The Dead-BBC series-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #16/52a: The Living And The Dead
image-p1a-3rd-year-a-year-in-the-countryOcular Signals #16/52a: Image P/1a
Et Mourir De Plaisir-Blood And Roses-1960-Roger Vadim-Il Sangue e la Rosa posterEther Signposts #17/52a: Et Mourir De Plaisir, Arthouse Transgressions And Folk Horror Forebears
John-Coulthart-Feuilleton-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeArtifact Report #17/52a: The Restless Field at Sunrise Ocean Bender and John Coulthart’s Feuilleton
Corn Husk Dolly And Crafts books-A Year In The Country-4Wanderings #17/52a: Not So Abounding Faceless Automatons And Not-Quite-So-Mainstream Crafting
Keith Seatman- all hold hands and off we goAudio Visual Transmission Guide #17/52a: Keith Seatman – all hold hands and off we go / boxes with rhythms in
Image-Q1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #17/52a: Image Q/1a
Biddy Boys Ireland 1972—Homer SykesEther Signposts #18/52a: Homer Sykes Biddy Boys Ireland 1972 / Café Royal Books
The Restless Field-A Year In The Country-dawn and night editions opened-2Artifact Report #18/52a: The Restless Field Released
The abominable snowman-doctor who-A Year In The Country-2Wanderings #18/52a: Further Not-Quite-So-Mainstream Pastoralism And 1970s British Science Fiction Costume And Effects Prototyping…
Saint Brigid Day Customs and Traditions 1965-RTE Archives-2 copyAudio Visual Transmission Guide #18/52a: RTÉ Archives – Saint Brigid Day Customs and Traditions 1965
Image-R1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #18/52a: Image R/1a
Martin Parr — Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of IrelandEther Signposts #19/52a: Martin Parr’s Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Ireland via the Café Royal Books Archive
FB-Artifact Report 19-52a-The-Restless-Field-Night-and-Dawn-Editions-A-Year-In-The-Country-2Artifact Report #19/52a: The Restless Field Transmissions and Reviews
Jasper Carrott at the Fletch-invite-A Year In The CountryWanderings #19/52a: The Folk Roots Of Peak Time Comedians From Back When / Wandering The Layers
The Ballad Of Shirley Collins-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #19/52a: The Ballad Of Shirley Collins Trailer and Wandering Amongst Shadowed Furrows/The Hidden Reverse
Image-S1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #19/52a: Image S/1a
Folk Horror Revival-logoArtifact Report #20/52a: A Year In The Country Folk Horror Double-Bill
Dookits-Stephen Mclaren-Cafe Royal Books-3Ether Signposts #20/52a: Dookits / Doocots, Lost Futures And Fading Sentinels Amongst The Land
Watership Down-Criterion Collection-A Year In The CountryWanderings #20/52a: Watership Down
Secrets Of Nature-BFI DVD-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #20/52a: Microscopic, Archival & Exploratory Nature Films: Minute Bodies, Secrets Of Nature & The Creeping Garden
Image-T1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #20/52a: Image T/1a
Scarred For Life-Volume One-Book-1Ether Signposts #21/52a: Scarred For Life – 740 Pages Of Growing Up In The Dark Side Of The Decade
The Extraordinary Beauty Of Birds-Deborah Samuels-Prestel-A Year In The Country-3Wanderings #21/52a: Vortex Views / The Extraordinary Beauty Of Birds
Spaceship-Great Monk Wood to Baldwins Pond Pt1-Forged River Recordings-a prospect of loughton brook-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #21/52a: Spaceship – Great Monk Wood to Baldwins Pond Pt1
Image-U1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #21/52a: Image U/1a
From The Furthest Signals-album cover art-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #21/52a: From The Furthest Signals – Preorder And Release Dates
Radionics Radio-album-1Ether Signposts #22/52a: The Aural/Parallel Science Explorations Of Radionics Radio
From The Furthest Signals-clips landscape image-2Artifact Report #22/52a: From The Furthest Signals – Clips Online
George Shiras-In The Heart Of The Dark Night-Éditions Xavier Barral-A Year In The Country-1Wanderings #22/52a: George Shiras – In The Heart Of The Dark Night
Edgelands-Marshlight software-Hoofus-3bAudio Visual Transmission Guide #22/52a: Edgelands – Psychogeographical Folk Tales In An Unexpected Realm
Image-V1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #22/52a: Image V/1a
Nigel Kneale-The Road stillEther Signposts #23/52a: Nigel Kneale’s Lost Visions And A Library Of Voyages Into The Unknown
Grey Frequency-Agrarian Lament video still-From The Furthest FieldsArtifact Report #23/52a: Grey Frequency’s Agrarian Lament Video
Malcolm Pointon-Electromuse-Ian Helliwell-Public InformationWanderings #23/52a: Malcolm Pointon – Electromuse
Children Of Alice website-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #23/52a: The Viewing Portals of Children Of Alice
Image-W1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #23/52a: Image W/1a
The Wicker Man-Dont Look Now-double bill-The Guardian and The Observer DVDsEther Signposts #24/52a: The Wicker Man / Don’t Look Now Double Bill And Media Disseminations From What Now Seem A Long Long Time Ago
From The Furthest Signal-Night and Dawn editions-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #24/52a: From The Furthest Signals Pre-Order
Zardoz-laser disc-novel-Arrow Bluray-A Year In The CountryWanderings #24/52a: Zardoz Ephemera / A Revisiting Of Fading Vessellings
Fly Away-Agincourt-1970-acid folkAudio Visual Transmission Guide #24/52a: Agincourt’s Fly Away
Image-X1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #24/52a: Image X/1a
Willow Umbrella-Christopher Lee-The Wicker Man-1973Ether Signposts #25/52a: 138 Layers And Gatherings Of The Wicker Man
Artifact Report 25-52a-The-Restless-Field-Dawn-Edition-front-A-Year-In-The-Country-1600Artifact Report #25/52a: The Restless Field at Goldmine/Spin Cycle, Bliss Aquamarine, Sunrise Ocean Bender and The Séance
Rings Of Stone-Aubrey Burl-Edward Piper-stone circles-A Year In The Country-2Wanderings #25/52a: Stone Circle Documents / Layering Over Time
Virgina-Astley-From-Gardens-Where-We-Feel-Secure-vinyl-Rough-Trade-A-Year-In-The-Country-2b-CD front and backAudio Visual Transmission Guide #25/52a: Virginia Astley’s It’s Too Hot To Sleep
Image-Y1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #25/52a: Image Y/1a
The Wicker Man-construction-production photographEther Signposts #26/52a: Constructing The Wicker Man
From The Furthest Signals-A Year In The Country-Night and Dawn Editions openedArtifact Report #26/52a: From The Furthest Signals Released
NFT-1986 festival brochure-Fantastic Television-The Tomorrow People-Quatermass-Space 1999-Dr Who-A Year In The CountryWanderings #26/52a: Past Cathode Ray Visions Of The Future / Capturing Of Ghosts
Dana Gillespie-Foolish SeasonsAudio Visual Transmission Guide #26/52a: Dana Gillespie – Foolish Seasons
Image-Z1a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #26/52a: Image Z/1a
House Of Julian-Broadcast-Julian House-1Ether Signposts #27/52a: Further Signals From A Julian House Archive
Flatland-Frequencies-banner-A-Year-In-The-Country-From The Furthest SignalsArtifact Report #27/52a: From The Furthest Signals Reviews and Broadcasts
Buried Treaure-The Delaware Road-CDs and albums-3Audio Visual Transmission Guide #27/52a: The Layered Seams And Explorations Of Buried Treasure
Image-A2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #27/52a: Image A/2a
Gone To Earth-Philip Kemp-John Boorman-BFI-Sight & Sound-January 2001-A Year In The CountryWanderings #27/52a: John Boorman, Excalibur And Celluloid Myths/Realism
Space 1999-still 2Ether Signposts #28/52a: Zardoz, Space 1999 And Psychedelic Strands In 1970s Science Fiction
A Year In The Country-Undercurrents album coverArtifact Report #28/52a: A Year In The Country – Undercurrents – Coming Soon
The Modernist-Faith Issue 19-Sacred Suburbs-A Year In The CountryWanderings #28/52a: The Modernist / Sacred Suburbs / Concrete Belief Systems
Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders seven inch-Finders Keepers Records-Record Store Day 2017-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #28/52a: Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders – Unreleased Variations Away From Bricks And Mortar
Image-B2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The Country-strokeOcular Signals #28/52a: Image B/2a
Judy Dyble-Anthology-Earth recordsEther Signposts #29/52a: Judy Dyble And The Lost (And Thankfully Found) Women Of Folk
Undercurrents-A Year In The Country-landscape cover art variationArtifact Report #29/52a: A Year In The Country Undercurrents – Preview Clips Online
Broadcast-booklet included with initial vinyl represses-Julian House-Warp-A Year In The Country-2Wanderings #29/52a: Broadcast; constellators and artifacts (revisiting)
Front And Follow-record label-website logoAudio Visual Transmission Guide #29/52a: Front & Follow, Lutine Variations, Fellow Travellers & Offering A Firm Handshake To Sonic Reverie
Image-C2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The Country-strokeOcular Signals #29/52a: Image C/2a
The Last Train-1999 tv series-Matthew Graham-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #30/52a: The Last Train And Fractured Timelines
Undercurrents-Night and Dawn edition-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #30/52a: A Year In The Country – Undercurrents – Preorder
Thorpe Marsh power plant-2Ether Signposts #30/52a: Explorations From The Last Train
Grenzfalle-Falling Barriers-Kerber Photoart-photography book-A Year In The Country-2Wanderings #30/52a: Grenzfälle / Falling Barriers / Edgeland Ghosts
Image-D2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The CountryOcular Signals #30/52a: Image D/2a
Electronic Sound magazine-issue 31-From The Furthest Signals review-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #31/52a: From The Furthest Signals Reviews And Broadcasts
Shadow Of Heaven-Scotland From Above-book-Patricia Macdonald-Dominic Cooper-Aurum-A Year In The Country-1Wanderings #31/52a: The Shadow Of Heaven – Further Marks And Patterns Upon The Land
Disused Stations-Belmont railway station-3Ether Signposts #31/52a: The Explorations And Archiving Of Disused Stations
Forge Dam-Sheffield-Pulp-The Wicker Man-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #31/52a: Summerisle In (Sort Of) Pop #1 – Pulp’s Wickerman
Image-E2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #31/52a: Image E/2a
Charles Frégers Yokainoshima-Island Of Monsters-2Ether Signposts #32/52a: Charles Frégers Yokainoshima – Island Of Monsters
Undercurrents-6 Night and Dawn Editions-album-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #32/52a: A Year In The Country – Undercurrents – Released
Laurie Anderson-O SupermanAudio Visual Transmission Guide #32/52a: Revisiting Broken Cultural Circuits – Laurie Anderson’s O’Superman
Thistletown-Rosemarie-A Year In The CountryWanderings #32/52a: Thistletown / Rosemarie And Reflection Back To Semi-Lost Folk
Image-F2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #32/52a: Image F/2a
Biggleston’s-Hardware-Hayle-Cornwall-Visible mending - Everyday repairs in the South WestEther Signposts #33/52a: Visible mending – Everyday repairs in the South West And A Quiet Form Of Time Travel
A Year In The Country-Undercurrents-album review-Electronic Sound magazine-1Artifact Report #33/52a: A Year In The Country – Undercurrents Album Reviews And Broadcasts
Laurie Anderson-O Superman-TOTP-1981-Zoo dance troupeAudio Visual Transmission Guide #33/52a: Laure Anderson’s O’Superman As Performed In A Real World Fever Dream
Castles and Strongholds of Pembrokeshire-book-Emily Hewlett Edwards-3Wanderings #33/52a: Crumbling Defences And A Reclaming
Image-G2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #33/52a: Image G/2a
Lucy Reid-Textile artist-6Ether Signposts #34/52a: Lucy Reid’s Pastoral Textile Art
The Quietened Cosmologists-CD album cover-A Year In The Country-1080pArtifact Report 34/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists – Pre-order And Release Dates
350 Miles-An Essex Journey-Jason Orton-Ken Worpole-A Year In The Country-1Wanderings #34/52a: 350 Miles / Shoreline Edgelands
Kathe Green-Run The Length Of Your Wildness-albumAudio Visual Transmission Guide #34/52a: Kathe Green – Run The Length Of Your Wildness
Photograph from the project Senseless

Ether Signposts #35/52a: Laura Thompson’s Senseless And Creatures Of Modern Myth

The Quietened Cosmologists-landscape artwork-2Artifact Report 35/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists Preview Clips Online
Quatermass 2-1957-preshow warning-episode 4 the coming-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #35/52a: Quatermass II Pre-show Warning
James Herriot-All Creatures Great And Small-2013 book reissues-Tom Cole artwork-A Year In The CountryWanderings #35/52a: All Creatures Great And Small And Non-Chocolate Box Chocolate Box-isms
Image-I2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #35/52a: Image I/2a
Bob Moog doll-figure-Press PopEther Signposts #36/52a: Bob Moog Press Pop Figures And Synthesizer Discoveries
The Girl With All The Gifts-film still-3Audio Visual Transmission Guide #36/52a: The Girl With All The Gifts
Sight & Sound-2013-The Wickerman-2010-The Films Of Old Weird BritainWanderings #36/52a: The Wicker Man Revisited / Refreshed – The Long Arm Of The Lore
Image-J2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The Country-usedOcular Signals #36/52a: Image J/2a
The Restless Field review-Electronic Sound magazine-issue 30-photographArtifact Reports #36/52a: The Restless Field: A Return Visit – Further Reviews and Transmissions
Raymond Scott-Press Pop figure-doll-2bEther Signposts #37/52a: The Raymond Scott Press Pop Figure, Something Of A Growing Family Of Electronic Music Innovators And A Dream Center Where The Excitement Of Tomorrow Is Made Available Today
The Quietened Cosmologists-Night and Dawn Editions-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #37/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists – Preorder
Here We'm Be Together-Rob copyAudio Visual Transmission Guide #37/52a: Here We’m Be Together
Molly Macindoe-Out Of Order book-1Wanderings #37/52a: Molly Macindoe’s Out Of Order And Partying Amongst Edgeland Ghosts
Image-K2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #37/52a: Image K/2a
HeyKidsRocknRoll-Raymond Scott diorama-1Ether Signposts #38/52a: Raymond Scott Diorama And Further Additions To The Electronic Innovators Family
FB-Cosmologists-artifact report 37 of 52a-Dawn edition versionArtifact Reports #37/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists Writing, Posts and Broadcasts
The Quietened Cosmologists-Dawn Edition-A Year In The Country and Night edition page 3Artifact Report #38/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists Writing, Posts and Broadcasts
Bye Bye Dandelion-Isabel Garrett-short film-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #38/52a: Bye Bye Dandelion
The Moomins soundtrack-Finders Keepers Records-A Year In The Country-1Wanderings #38/52a: The Moomins And The Seams That Keep Giving…
Image-L2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #38/52a: Image L/2a
Daphne Oram diorama-HeykidsrocknrollEther Signposts #39/52a: Daphne Oram Diorama, A Further Addition To A Family Of Electronic Innovators And Pastoral Confluences
Shindig-issues 59 and 32-Broadcast-Psychomania-Delia Derbyshire-Tape Leader-A Year In The CountryWanderings #39/52a: A Shindig Double Header And Wanderings Amongst Pop Culture’s Semi-Hidden Reverse
The Quietened Cosmologists-cover image and 3 images in a row-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #39/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists at You, the Night & the Music and feuilleton
Hoofus-Moss Covered MachinesAudio Visual Transmission Guide #39/52a: Hoofus and Moss Covered Machines
Image-M2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #39/52a: Image M/2a
Delia-Derbyshire-Bob Moog-Raymond Scott-Daphne Oram-Press Pop figure-Heykidsrocknroll diorama-Zupagrafika-Brutal London EastEther Signposts #40/52a: Zupagrafika and Lost Future Intertwinings with a Family of Electronic Innovators
The Quietened Cosmologists-six Night and Dawn editions-frontArtifact Report #40/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists – Released
The Coast Of England & Wales In Pictures-book-JA Steers-1960-A Year In The Country-2Wanderings #40/52a: Further Natural Calligraphy / Carving The Land / The Story Of Land Art
The Unseeing Eye-1985-BFIplayer-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #40/52a: The Unsleeping Eye
Image-N2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #40/52a: Image N/2a
The Harvest Home “Kerr Baby” of 1901. Whalton, Northumberland. 1902. The Benjamin Stone CollectionEther Signposts #41/52a: Tales From The Kern Baby And Birmingham Library’s Benjamin Stone Archive
Music Wont Save You-reviews-A Year In The Country-FBArtifact Report #41/52: A Year In The Country at Music Won’t Save You
Fiend In The Furrows-The Alchemical Landscape-A Year In The CountryWanderings #41/52a: Research and Investigations of the Spectral Landscape
Derrick Knight-Travelling For A Living-The Watersons-1966-BFIPlayer-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #41/52a: (Revisiting) Travelling For A Living
Image-O2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The Country-strokeOcular Signals #41/52a: Image O/2a
Matthew Lyons-illustration-dome and gridEther Signposts #42/52a: Matthew Lyons and a Populuxe Mid-Century Modern Parallel World
All-The-Merry-Year-Round-album-cover-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeArtifact Report #42/52a: All The Merry Year Round – Pre-order and Release Dates
Farm image-4Audio Visual Transmission Guide #42/52a: Somewhat Out Of Kilter Harvest Songs
ghost-box-records-in-a-moment-simon-reynolds-daniel-barrow-sight-and-sound-bfi-december-2015-a-year-in-the-country-1Wanderings #42/52a: The Unexpected Arrival Of Spectral Containment Systems #2
Image-P2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #42/52a: Image P/2a
Axel Hoedt-Dusk-Steidl-2Ether Signposts #43/52a: Axel Hoedt’s Dusk And Final Celebrations
All The Merry Year Round-landscape artwork 1-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #43/52a: All The Merry Year Round – Preview Clips Online
Images-1972-Robert Altman-Sussanah York-film-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #43/52a: Images and the Uneasy Landscape
Masahisa Fukase-The Solitude Of Ravens-A Year In The Country-2bWanderings #43/52a: The Solitude Of Ravens and Images from an Unknowable Story
Image-Q2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #43/52a: Image Q/2a
The Golden Apples Of The Sun-10th Sept 2017-Claude Mono visits A Year In The Country-graphArtifact Report #44/52a: A Year In The Country at The Golden Apples of the Sun
Estelle Hanania-Glacial Jubile-Shelter Press-European folklore costume-1Ether Signposts #44/52a: Estelle Hanania’s Glacial Jubile And Further Folkloric Escapees, Strands And Intertwinings
Meg Baird-Dont Weigh Down The Light-A Year In The CountryAudio Visual Transmission Guide #44/52a: Meg Baird’s Don’t Weigh Down The Light
03Aerial Archaeology-A Year In The CountryWanderings #44/52a: Recording The Layers Upon And Under The Land
Image-R2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #44/52a: Image R/2a
1970 British Rail-Eastern-leafletEther Signposts #45/52a: Further Accidental Folk-Art
All The Merry Year Round-CD album-Night and Dawn editions-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #45/52a: All The Merry Year Round – Pre-order
Image-S2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #45/52a: Image S/2a
Simon-James-Furthe-Event-Portico-4c2Wanderings #45/52a: Further and Audio Visual Explorations
Play For Today title-BBCAudio Visual Transmission Guide #45/52a: Z For Zachariah
Electronic Sound magazine-issue 35-The Quietened Cosmologists review-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #46/52a: The Quietened Cosmologists – Further Reviews and Broadcasts
The Wicker Man book collectionEther Signposts #46/52a: The Wicker Man – Summer Isle Books, Bindings, Pounds, Shillings And Pence
Steeleye-Span-Below-The-Salt-vinyl-LP-A-Year-In-The-Country-lighterWanderings #46/52a: Steeleye Span, Carboot Rummagings, Imaginative Time Travel and Medievalism
Barsham Faire 1974-BFIPlayer-medieval-folk-psych-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #46/52a: Barsham Faire 1974 and a Merry Albion Psychedelia
Image-T2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #46/52a: Image T/2a
Small Films-Pogles 3Ether Signposts #47/52a: Further Reflections on a Saggy Old Cloth Cat / Related Bucolia and Archiving
Shindig magazine-issue 74-All The Merry Year Round-A Year In The Country album review-Ben Graham-stroke 2Artifact Report #47/52a: All The Merry Year Round Reviews and Broadcasts
Austin Capsey-Wendy Bevan-Mogg-solargraphy-Ernest Journal-3Wanderings #47/52a: Solargraphy / The Ongoing Moment
The Sneaker Pimps-How Do-Willows Song-Becoming X-Spin Spin Sugar-Kelli Ali-The Wicker ManAudio Visual Transmission Guide #47/52a: Summerisle In (Sort Of) Pop #2 – The Sneaker Pimps’ How Do / Kelli Ali’s Willow’s Song
Image-U2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #47/52a: Image U/2a
Folk-and-folk-horror-books-Seasons-They-Change-Electric-Eden-Witches-Hats-Field-Studies-Adam-Scovell-Psychedelic BabyEther Signposts #48/52a: A Further Addition to a Library of Albionic Undercurrents – It’s Psychedelic Baby’s Issue 2
All The Merry Year Round-CD album-Night and Dawn Editions-front-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #48/52a: All The Merry Year Round – Released
Ghost Signs UK-A Year In The Country-strokeWanderings #48/52a: A Few Ether Gatherings… Ghost Signs, The Vault of the Atomic Space Age and Avantgardens
Kelli Alli-Rocking Horse-album and EP-1Audio Visual Transmission Guide #48/52a: Kelli Ali’s The Kiss and Cinematic Conjurings
Image-V2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #48/52a: Image V/2a
Fortean Times-June 2017-Fiona Maher-Hookland-2Ether Signposts #49/52a: The Haunted Generation – A Spectral Primer/Revisiting and Hookland Re-Enchantments
Mark Losing Today-The Sunday Experience-The Restless Field-A Year In The CountryArtifact Report #49/52a: A Year In The Country at The Sunday Experience
abandoned-buran-wooden-wind-tunnel-modelWanderings #49/52a: Further Bear’s Ghosts and Lost Dreams – from Soviet Era Space Shuttles to Hover Train Prototypes via Space 1999-esque River Transports..
Image-W2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #49/52a: Image W/2a
The-Night-Has-Eyes-1955-BFIPlayer-Cats-Eyes-lighter 2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #49/52a: The Night Has Eyes
Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-1Ether Signposts #50/52a: Klaus Leidorf’s Aerial Archaeology
Plough-Monday-In-Cambridgeshire-1978-BFIPlayer-BFI-folk-ritual-celebration-and-costume-4b-lighterAudio Visual Transmission Guide #50/52a: Plough Monday in Cambridgeshire 1978 and Tipping Point Recordings
The Good Life-1975-BBCWanderings #50/52a: The Good Life, Underground, Overground and Prime Time Gentle Bucolia in Suburbia and Elsewhere
Image-X2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-Country-strokeOcular Signals #50/52a: Image X/2a
John-Coulthart-Feuilleton-five in a rowArtifact Report #50/52a: All The Merry Year Round – Further Broadcasts and Reviews (Wanderings Amongst the Moss, Golden Apples and Elsewhere)
Gone To Earth-Mary Webb-Four Square Books film cover-2Ether Signposts #51/52a: Mary Webb’s Gone to Earth and Forebears of the Layers Beneath the Land
Electronic Sound magazine-2016-2017-A Year In The Country album reviews-1cArtifact Report #51/52a: A Year In The Country at Electronic Sound… Wanderings Amongst Escapee Phantoms and the Layers Under the Land…
The Wicker Man-Cast And Crew-BBC 4-2005-2Audio Visual Transmission Guide #51/52a: Sing Cuckoo: The Story and Influence of The Wicker Man Soundtrack and Other Partly-Archived Summerisle Discussions
Image-Y2a-3rd-year-A-Year In The CountryOcular Signals #51/52a: Image Y/2a
Prefab Homes-Elisabeth Blanchet-Shire books-A Year In The CountryWanderings #51/52a: The Studies, Explorations and Conjurings of a Quietly Parallel Library
Bagpuss intro-Small FilmsAudio Visual Transmission Guide #52/52a: Rounding the Circle with a Magical Saggy Old Cloth Cat
Kate Bush-The Ninth Wave-posterEther Signposts #52/52a: Kate Bush’s The Ninth Wave
Image-Z2a-3rd-year-A-Year-In-The-CountryOcular Signals #52/52a: Image Z/2a
A Year In The Country-2017 albums-CDs-The Marks Upon The Land-The Restless Field-From The Furthest Signals-UndercurrentsArtifact Report #52/52a: From The Marks Upon The Land to All The Merry Year Round… An (Almost) End of Year Gathering
0001-A Year In The Country-Gather In The MushroomsWanderings #52/52a: Rounding The Circle


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