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Lionheart-ess Archiving #1: Ether Signposts #7/52a

Kate Bush Clippings website-2b

I came across the website Kate Bush Clippings a while ago and it is a quite frankly astonishing labour of love.

The site is an archiving of Kate Bush related material from all over the world taken from magazines and newspapers from the start of her appearing in the public eye to the present days and it runs to many hundreds, possibly thousands of pages.

As these articles etc I assume that each individual page would have needed scanning, which further adds to the sense of dedication of its creator.

Kate Bush Clippings website-1b

It is one of those “Where do I start?” websites and I expect you could well dedicate months or even years of cultural perusing time to it and not be quite through the whole archive.

There don’t seem to be all that many references and links to the site online, so despite the breadth of its collection it feels like a slightly hidden away corner and treasure trove.

(File under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Destinations and directions: Kate Bush Clippings


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