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Matthew Lyons and a Populuxe Mid-Century Modern Parallel World: Ether Signposts #42/52a

Matthew Lyons-illustration-harvest timeMatthew Lyons-illustration-mountain

I recently(ish) came across Matthew Lyons illustrations…

Matthew Lyons-illustration-triangles

They put me in mind of if Boards Of Canada existed in a mid-century modern populuxe parallel world, of intriguing widescreen science fiction epics from a future past that never was and seem to seamlessly blend a sense of being contemporary and retro futurism.

Matthew Lyons-illustration-dome and grid
While the above image makes me think of a still from a parallel world mid-century modern version of the film Phase IV.

Lovely stuff…

(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions and Destinations:
Matthew Lyons website

Local Places Of Interest:
Day #209/365: Signal and signposts from and via Mr Julian House (#2); the worlds created by an otherly geometry
Wanderings #13/52a: Boards Of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest; Stuck At The Starting Post / Tumbled From A Future Phase IV?


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