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Day #311/365: Precious Artifacts (Other); Fluid Audio and further corporeal encasements of vibrations in the air…

Fluid Audio-A Year In The Country
File under: Trails and Influences: Recent Explorations. Case #42/52.

Well, in these days of the zeros and ones ether replication/transmission of audio work, there are corners that you come across that make you glad that such things can still find a corporeal home.

Fluid Audio is one such place that gladdens the heart. Quite simply beautiful artifacts/encasements.

The music they send out into the world is often gently experimental – ambient melodic washes to drift into and away with, music that is both balm and refuge for a hastened world.

Fluid Audio-A Year In The Country-3

The overall effect and aesthetic of Fluid Audio puts me in mind of 4AD and Vaughan Oliver’s v23 design work a number of decades ago (see Day #256/365)… but if such things had wandered off down further flung paths after listening to distantly played Harold Budd and Virginia Astley’s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure drifting over fields covered in the light of an approaching dusk…

Fluid Audio-A Year In The Country-2

With that, I shall say no more but wander off to explore futher…

Fluid Audio-A Year In The Country-4

Fluid Audio’s fellow travellers (from whose releases some of the above encapturings of encasements tumble) include: Squanto, Daniel W. J. Mackenzie, Margins, Orla Wren, Aaron Martin, Isnaj Dui, Talvihorros, The Seaman & The Tattered Sail, Matteo Uggeri, Bluhm, Mathew Shaw, Christoph Berg, United Bible Studies, Mathew Collings, Tape Loop Orchestra…

Visit Fluid Audio in the ether here.

Previous corporeal encasements at Day #169/365.

Other precious/delicate artifacts at Day #44/365 and Day #261/365.


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