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The Quietened Bunker – A Timely Gathering Of Transmissions

all-hallows-quietened-bunker-transmission-sheet-rue-morgue-a-closer-listen-include-me-out-ytnatm-a-year-in-the-country-strokerue-morgue-popshifter-the-quietened-bunker-review-a-year-in-the-countryTransmissions sent, received, transmitted…

A selection of further considerations and broadcasts of/from The Quietened Bunker…

Somewhat appropriately for this time of year, the good folk of A Closer Listen have gathered together a selection of Music For Haunted Houses, wherein you can find The Quietened Bunker amongst rather fine company. Step over the thresholds here

…and while we’re wandering towards such things, you can find a consideration of The Quietened Bunker amongst prometheus creations and fellow preternaturals at Rue Morgue here (and a tip of the hat to Less Lee More of Popshifter).

You can also find the album amongst the cultural wanderings, cutups and artwork of Mr Robin Tomens at Include Me Out. Step almost to the void/vortex here.

And finally, also amongst further rather fine company via the curations and roving transmissions of Mr Mat Handley at You, the Night & The Music.

Tip of the hat to all concerned.

The Quietened Bunker can be perused further here. A previous gathering of transmissions can be found here.

It can also be perused in more non-corporeal form amongst the zeros and ones audiological envoying to be found at the likes of Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc.


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