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Racker & Orphan – Twalif X: Audio Visual Archive 27/52

Artwork from Racker & Orphan’s Twalif X album.

“Twalif X is an audio journey through one night; the album was recorded between dusk and dawn on the 12th/13th May 2014 in Robin Wood, Bears Wood, Knott Wood and on Eagle Crag. All recordings were captured on one microphone and processed/mixed by N. Racker.” (Quoted from the album’s accompanying text.)

The imagery for the release was created using photographs taken during the outing by Racker&Orphan which were than collaged and intertwined with original artwork by A Year In The Country.


“A field recording is defined as: ‘…the term used for an audio recording produced outside a recording studio, and the term applies to recordings of both natural and human-produced sounds.’ Racker&Orphan’s album Twalif X could be considered a form of field recording, although it is more a document of an experimental journey than being strictly a scientifically faithful reproduction.” (Quoted from A Year In The Country.)




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