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Raymond Scott Diorama And Further Additions To The Electronic Innovators Family: Ether Signposts #38/52a

HeyKidsRocknRoll-Raymond Scott diorama-1

As part of an ongoing series… a further example of 3D homages to iconic figures and innovators within electronic music…

HeyKidsRocknRoll-Raymond Scott diorama-2

And in an ongoing, well, who wouldn’t want one of these manner…?

HeyKidsRocknRoll’s diorama of musician, inventor, composer and electronic pioneer Raymond Scott.

HeyKidsRocknRoll-Raymond Scott diorama-3

I particularly like just the standalone Clavivox (as invented by Raymond Scott)…

Raymond Scott-Clavivox advert Raymond Scott in studio-1970-panorama

So, the family of such things so far…

Delia Derbyshire Diorama-HeyKidsRocknRollBob Moog doll-figure-Press PopRaymond Scott-Press Pop figure-doll-2bHeyKidsRocknRoll-Raymond Scott diorama-1
(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions and Destinations:
Extensive Raymond Scott information
The HeyKidsRocknRoll Raymond Scott Diorama

Local Places Of Interest:
Ether Signposts #2/52a: Delia Derbyshire Handmade Diorama
Ether Signposts #36/52a: Bob Moog Press Pop Figures And Synthesizer Discoveries
Ether Signposts #37/52a: The Raymond Scott Figure, Something Of A Growing Family Of Electronic Music Innovators And A Dream Center Where The Excitement Of Tomorrow Is Made Available Today


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