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The Marks Upon The Land / The Dark Chamber EP book, CD & cassette released: Artifact Report #10a/52a

The CD is now sold out but is available to download at our Bandcamp page.

The book is available at Amazon UKAmazon US,  Amazon Australia and their other worldwide sites.

Available at our Artifacts Shop and our Bandcamp Ether Victrola.
£24.95. Free UK shipping. Released today 6th March 2017.

The book is accompanied by a 4-track audiological exploration on CD:
The Dark Chamber EP by A Year In The Country.

Also included is a free cassette and download copy of the Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels 12 track album by A Year In The Country.

There is also a standalone version of the book available without the CDs, cassette & download at various Amazon UK and international sites, including: UKUSAFranceGermanySpain etc.

Plus the standalone book is also available from Createspace (where it ships from the US).

Encasement details:
60 page bound softback book: 8.25 x 6 inches / 21 x 15 cm, matt velvet cover.
1 x all black CDr
2 x inserts
1 x cassette album in jewel case with 2 x inserts and download code.

The images in the book are part of A Year In The Country’s explorations of an otherly pastoralism, a wandering amongst subculture that draws from the undergrowth of the land – the patterns beneath the plough, pylons and amongst the edgelands.

Those wanderings take in the beauty and escape of rural pastures, intertwined with a search for expressions of an underlying unsettledness to the bucolic countryside dream.

The Marks Upon The Land takes inspiration from and channels the outer reaches of folk culture and its meeting places with the layered spectralities of what has come to be known as hauntology, alongside memories of childhood countryside idylls spent under the shadow of Cold War end of days paranoia and amongst the dreamscapes of dystopic science fiction tales.

The Dark Chamber EP takes its name from the roots of the word camera and is an audio exploration of the creation of the imagery in the book, intermingling field recordings of photographic work with the sounds of the landscape.

Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels is a study of the hidden tales sent out into the world by the silent but ever chattering broadcast towers that stand watch atop the land, weaving and recasting their transmissions and seeming to summon unbidden the ghosts and fractures of a landscape that still contains the echoes and fragments of conflicts past and planned for.

“…interference, plain piano song, shimmering electronics, remote listening & shadowy melodies make for an elegant & sinister experience.” Include Me Out on Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels.

The Dark Chamber EP-The Marks Upon The Land-A Year In The Country

Audiological exploration details:

The Dark Chamber EP by A Year In The Country: 5″ all black CDr;
1)The Dark Chamber
2) Towards The Heartland
3) Layers And Marks
4) The Dark Chamber (Waiting For A Moment Of Stillness Mix)

Preview clips from the EP here.

Airwaves-Songs From The Sentinels-cassette-The Marks Upon The Land-A Year In The Country

Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels by A Year In The Country: cassette/download;
1) The Chatter Amongst The Land
2) A Cracked Sky
3) Night Mesh
4) Flutter Once More
5) Fading From A Distance
6) Imparting Received
7) Songs From The Sentinels
8) Tales And Constructs
9) They Have Departed Once More
10) To Be Sheltered
11) A Measuring
12) For My Gentle Scattering

Preview the album  here.


Artwork and packaging/book design by AYITC Ocular Signals Department.

All 104 images from the book can be viewed at Gallery: Year 1.


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