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The Quietened Cosmologists at You, the Night & the Music and feuilleton: Artifact Report #39/52a

The Quietened Cosmologists-cover image and 3 images in a row-A Year In The Country

John Coulthart has posted about The Quietened Cosmologists and related pathways at his feuilleton site…

Feuilleton-John-Coulthart-logo banner

“The ruins of Britain’s own contribution to the Space Race—especially those like the abandoned launch-pad at High Down on the Isle of Wight—are all the more poignant for the gulf between their past ambition and present state of decay.”

Visit that post here.

It joins previous A Year In The Country related posts at feuilleton, including:

UndercurrentsFrom The Furthest SignalsThe Restless FieldThe Marks Upon The LandThe Forest / The WaldThe Quietened Bunker and Fractures.

You-the-night-and-the-music-radio-show-mat-handley-episode 215-A-Year-In-The-Country

And in a rounding the circle manner, Mat Handley of Pulselovers whose work is featured on the album, played David Colohan’s Landfall At William Creek from the album on his You, the Night & the Music radio show.

Originally broadcast on Sine FM, it is archived at Mixcloud, where it can be found amongst fellow The Quietened Cosmologists travellers Keith Seatman and Grey Frequency.

Thanks to all concerned.

More details on The Quietened Cosmologists can be found.


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