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The Restless Field at Simon Reynold’s blissblog and the sunday experience: Artifact Report #14/52a

FB-The Restless Field-Simon Reynolds-Blissblog-the sunday experience

blissblog-Simon Reynolds-The Restless Field-A Year In The Country

The forthcoming Restless Field album can be found amongst Retromania/Shock and Awe author Simon Reynold’s Spring 2017 Hauntology Parish Newsletter, amongst some rather fine company including Lo Five/Patterned Air Recordings, Keith Seatman’s new album, Revbjelde and other Buried Treasure related goings on including a somewhat subterranean Delaware Road event that will feature the likes of The Twelve Hour Radio, DJ Food, Dolly Dolly, Concretism, Howlround and Ian Helliwell amongst others:

“The Restless Field… another exquisitely packaged affair with audio contributions from Patterned Air’s Assembled Minds, Field Lines Cartographer, Vic Mars, Bare Bones, Grey Frequency, Endurance, Listening Center, Pulselovers, Sproatly Smith, Polypores, Depatterning, Time Attendant, and David Colohan.

“One of their best efforts so far, I think – murky and ominous as befits the guiding thematic: places that are spectrally imprinted with past conflicts and struggles. Particularly enjoyed the blackly buzzing pulsescape  of “Congested District” by Listening Center.”

Visit the Newletter here.

Mark Losing Today-The Sunday Experience-The Restless Field-A Year In The Country

The album has also had first consideration by Mark Barton at his the sunday experience site:

“The Restless Field is your bountiful feast of spring dew harvesting, an as ever exquisitely hand crafted package of dawn and night variations that features a fourteen strong gathering of familiar friends around the mystical and magical ley lines that crisscross these fair green lands each blooded and ghosted in historical flashpoints and historical turning points.”

Visit that here.

A tip of the hat to Simon and Mark.

Further details on The Restless Field can be found here. Preview clips from the album here.


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