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Further – A Temporary Audio Visual Space: Ether Signposts #14/52a

Further-Portico Gallery DJ Food-flier

Although it’s quite rare I make it down to the metropolis nowadays, I’ve been somewhat drawn to and intrigued by the Further event put together by DJ Food and Pete Williams:

“An irregular event held in different places, it’s not a club night, it’s not monthly, there’s no dance floor. It HAS got all the things we love in it though: experimental music and film, food and drink, socialising and a bit of record hunting. Taking old analogue image making techniques from the 20th century and recontextualising it into new spaces for today.

“We have Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly) and Julian House (The Focus Group) from Ghost Box Records playing a rare audio visual set and Howlround sound tracking Steven McInerney’s short film, ‘A Creak In Time’.

“Pete and I will be pulling all manner of projections, films, slides and FX out to illuminate the gallery at the beginning and end of the evening to compliment our DJ sets.”

Sounds like a good old night and even allowing for the night bus home, you could probably be in bed by 1am if you live around those parts.

Further Slides-DJ Food-Portical Gallery-2

(The description of the event as a “A Temporary Audio Visual Space” made me think of Hakim Bey’s concept/book Temporary Autonomous Zones, which refers in part to spaces where the norms and rules of society and formal structures of control briefly do not apply, areas where for example a carnivalesque or explorative sense of freedom can be created. Though in Further’s case such things would I expect be more in terms of visual and musical aesthetics rather than the more overtly political considerations of Hakim Bey’s work.)

Further Slides-DJ Food-Portical Gallery

I particularly like the hand tinted slides that DJ Food posted on his site (because of the nature of AYITC you’ll need to pop over to his site to get the full effect). And if I’m not mistaken, there’s a Howlround design from the AYITC released Torridon Gate in amongst them.

Further could well be filed alongside the upcoming The Delaware Road Kelvedon Hatch event, in that both have Howlround performing and both I expect may well appeal to people who are culturally hauntologically/spectrally inclined. The Ghost Box Belbury Youth Club events may also be another reference point.

The event is on May 6th at The Portico Gallery in London.

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Directions and destinations:
The Further website
The Hand Tinted Slides
Facebook page


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