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Week #38/52: Mr Haines – “our most non-hauntological hauntologist” – the evidence mounts

Like Haines-Maximum Electronic Rock N Roll
File Under: Trails And Influences / Year 2 wanderings

Mr Luke Haines has been calledour most non-hauntological hauntologist” and one of his recent(ish) album releases  seems to but add credence to that description (or should that be title?).

Shall we look at the more recent evidence? Well, aside from the title of said album, a perusal of the track titles finds the following information:

Luke Haines-A Year In The Country

Hidden patterns in TV idents and related ephemera? Cold war dread? If one checks the information found in previous case law I think one will find it all points to one particular thing and (non)genre.


Making an album with pocket synthesizers you’ve bought for a tenner each off popular ether commerce sites can only be a good idea…

…and well, without looking into it further I think that’s what he’s done.

Luke Haines-A Year In The Country-4

I say without looking into it further as Mr Haines seems to be a man who keeps himself busy digging up, weaving with and creating cultural myths (and then wandering off for a caravaning holiday with them)…

…and in the spirit of such things, beyond a sentence or two said as an almost aside about his possible future use of those tuppence ha’penny audio-electrical-oscillating devices when discussing a rock and roll cookery book (of all things) that he’d been working on and a brief perusal of an album accompanying video I have let the (possible) myth of the whole album being recorded on such things intact for myself.

Luke Haines-Korg Monotron-A Year In The Country


Peruse Mr Haines talking about such pocket money audio creation devices and related work here.

His home in the ether and for this particular (non-hauntological) hauntological delving here.


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