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Audiological Transmission #39​/​​​​52​​: No More Unto The Dance – A Moment Of Optimism


Audiological exploration by A Year In The Country from the album No More Unto The Dance.

bc-no-more-unto-the-dance-image-4-week-39-a-year-in-the-countryTranmission sent, received, transmitted: Dave Thompson in his Spincycle section at Goldmine Magazine:

“…never loses sight of the beat, the heartbeat that every great club has (or had), that gave every one its own sense of purpose and desire, be it a prohibition speakeasy or a chill-out room in a rural barn.

“Such imaginings are haunting, layering one another with emotional imagery that cannot help but lead the ghosts onto the floor, a disco queen here, a rave scene there, the scent of northern soul, the smell of teen spirit.  By the time it’s over, you feel as though you’ve been dancing all night; by the time you’ve recovered, you want to do it again.”

Tip of the hat indeed.


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