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Week #52/52: An Arboreal Collection Or Two And Hello And Goodbye…

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So, we thought a nice, relaxing way to end the year would be a visit to some of the patterns to be found across the land and amongst the woods and forests.

More specifically trees, leaves and bark. More specifically again Roger Phillips book Trees In Britain from 1978.

It’s an intriguing book, one of those you can pick up from time to time and just flick through to see what you will see…


To quote myself on such things:

“A fair while ago (I think) I read the phrase God’s calligraphy in relation to the patterns that trees write and create… I don’t tend to think of it in an overtly spiritual related manner – more as an expression of beauty, delight, variations and non-directed by our good selves craft…”


Looking at this book, I’m not so sure if it’s calligraphy when presented like this. Maybe rather a form of natural clip art (that made me think of the Craphound zine if you should remember that).

Anyways, looking such things up, I see that there are quite a few more of these arborea and related books written and researched by Mr Phillips – more than enough natural clip art to keep you busy for a fair old while.


Anyways, thankyou all good sirs and ladies for the time and attention this year.

Thankyou also once again to everybody who has contributed work to the series of album releases and all those who have broadcast or written about them.

And indeed everybody who has dipped into their zeros and ones pockets, purses and wallets for one or more of said items.

Tip of the hat to you all and here’s to a good repose and the next spin around the sun.



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