Ocular Signals #1/52a: Image A/1a / A New Spin-Around-The Sun

  • image-a5-a-year-in-the-country
    File under: A Year In The Country Ocular Explorations
    Subsection: Beginnings

    Well, what can I say? A fine New Year to one and all.

    The bells have barely stopped peeling and it would appear that it is time to begin another spin-around-the-sun.

    As you may well be able to see, we’re returning to something of a more traditional (for around these parts) calendar…

    365 days of wanderings, artifacts, artwork, ether signposting and so on which may well take in a stroll or two through an otherly pastoralism and the spectral edgelands of culture.

    (And talking of tradition, if you should look closely, this particular work that we’re beginning the year with is something of a nod and rounding of the circle back to almost the very beginning of A Year In The Country… Ah, curious coincidences and all that. ‘Twas not planned but a pleasant discovery which tumbled forth.)

    And so, here goes…


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