Wild Hope Flowers / The Marks Upon The Land Clips: Artifact Report #3/52a

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    Clips from Wild Hope Flowers are online for listening to. Visit them here.

    Wild Hope Flowers is a four track song cycle created by longstanding contributors to United Bible Studies David Colohan and Richard Moult, also featuring Sophie Cooper on backing vocals and trombone.

    It travels along and amongst the ancient stories of the hills and fields upon which generations have trodden, an elegy for layered histories.

    the-marks-upon-the-land-book-david-colohan-richard-moult-airwaves-songs-from-the-sentinels-cassette-a-year-in-the-country-psdWild Hope Flowers will be released on CD to accompany The Marks Upon The Land book.

    Pre-order Februrary 6th. Released 6th March.

    More details of the release here.


    There is also a standalone version of the book available without the CDs, cassette & download at various Amazon UK and international sites, including: UKUSAFranceGermanySpain etc.

    Plus the standalone book is also available from Createspace (where it ships from the US).


    (File Under: Encasments / Artifacts – Artifact #1a)


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