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Zupagrafika and Lost Future Intertwinings with a Family of Electronic Innovators: Ether Signposts #40/52a

Brutal London-Construct Your Own Concrete Capital book-Prestel-2

At A Year In The Country there has been a recent series of posts about various dioramas and collectors figures of electronic music innovators.

Brutal East-Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc-Zupagrafika-6

In one of the recent posts about those electronic innovator dioramas etc, I mentioned how there is a curious confluence, connection and intertwining between the flipside of or otherly pastoralism and a romantic nostalgia for electronic music techniques and areas of innovation from previous eras such as the work of The Radiophonic Workshop.

In amongst that intertwining you could well include a romantic nostalgia for brutalist architecture.

Brutal East-Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc-Zupagrafika-2

Part of what all such things seem to represent, whether the electronic music innovations of The Radiophonic Workshop, otherly pastoralism or brutalist architecture, is a sense of them containing some form of loss, of lost progressive futures or arcadic rural dreams and ways of life, of being spectrally imprinted with such loss and a layering of related tales.

So I thought to that growing family of homages to electronic music innovators I would add in Zupagrafika’s Brutal London – Construct Your Own Concrete Capital and Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc.

Delia-Derbyshire-Bob Moog-Raymond Scott-Daphne Oram-Press Pop figure-Heykidsrocknroll diorama-Zupagrafika-Brutal London East

Cut out and keep etc…

(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions and Destinations:
Zupagrafika’s Brutalist explorations and homages

Local Places Of Interest:
(We would recommend sturdy walking shoes and bringing a substantial, nutritious packed lunch, as this is something of an intensive tour.)
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