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A Year In The Country – Undercurrents – Preorder: Artifact Report #30/52a

The CDs are now sold out but the album is available to download at our Bandcamp page, Amazon, The Tidal Store, 7digital etc and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube etc.

Dawn Edition £11.95. Night Edition £24.95.Undercurrents-Night and Dawn edition-A Year In The Country

Available via our Artifacts Shop, our Bandcamp Ether Victrola and Norman Records.

Undercurrents was partly inspired by living in the countryside for the first time since I was young, where because of the more exposed nature of rural life I found myself in closer contact with, more overtly affected by and able to directly observe the elements and nature than via life in the city.

This coincided with an interest in and exploration of an otherly take on pastoralism and creating the A Year In The Country project; of coming to know the land as a place of beauty, exploration and escape that you may well drift off into but where there is also a sometimes unsettled undercurrent and layering of history and culture.

I found myself drawn to areas of culture that draw from the landscape, the patterns beneath the plough, the pylons and amongst the edgelands and where they meet with the lost progressive futures, spectral histories and parallel worlds of what has come to be known as hauntology.

Undercurrents is an audio exploration and interweaving of these themes – a wandering amongst nature, electronic soundscapes, field recordings, the flow of water through and across the land and the flipside of bucolic dreams.

Preview clips from the album at our Soundcloud Mark II Ether Victrola


Undercurrent Dawn Edition. Limited to 104 copies. £11.95.
Hand-finished white/black CDr album in textured recycled fold out sleeve with 3 x inserts and badge.
Undercurrents-Dawn edition-front cover-A Year In The CountryUndercurrents-Dawn edition-back

Undercurrents-Dawn edition-opened with inserts-A Year In The Country
Top of CD.                                                          Bottom of CD.

Further encasement details:
1) Custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink.
2) Includes 25mm/1″ badge, secured with removable glue on string bound tag.
3) Back of one insert hand numbered and signed.


Undercurents Night Edition. Limited to 104 copies. £24.95.
Hand-finished box-set contains: album on all black CDr, 12 page string bound booklet, 4 x badge pack, 1 x large badge, 2 x stickers, 1 x print.
Undercurrents-Night Edition-all items-A Year In The CountryUndercurrents-Night Edition-box-A Year In The Country Undercurrents-Night Edition-opend-A Year In The CountryUndercurrents-Night Edition-opened text-A Year In The Country Undercurrents-Night Edition-opened text 2-A Year In The Country
Top of CD.                                                            Bottom of CD.

Further encasement details:
1) Booklet/cover art custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink.
2) Contained in a matchbox style sliding two-part rigid matt card box with cover print.
3) Fully black CDr (black on top, black on playable side).
4) Black string bound booklet: 12 pages (6 sides printed);
Printed on textured fine art cotton rag paper, heavy card and semi-transparent vellum.
Hand numbered and signed on the reverse.
5) 4 x badge set, contained in a see-through polythene bag with a folded card header.
6) 1 x large badge.
7) 1 x square sticker, 1 x landscape format sticker.
8) Print on textured fine art cotton rag paper. Hand numbered and signed on the reverse.

Undercurrents-A Year In The Country-landscape cover art variation

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