Day #56/365: Artifact #8/52 released: Phantasms ribbon bound, layered image transparent book

  • Limited edition of 31.
    A Year In The Country-Artifact 8/52-CoverA Year In The Country-Artifact #8:52-inside page with paper separatingA Year In The Country-Artifact #8:52-Inside page without paper separating prints
    Artifact #8-52-All images from Phantasms book-lighter background
    Printed with archival Giclée pigment inks on clouded transparent clouded vellum paper.
    Book page size: 29.7 x 10.5 cm / 11.7 x 4.1 inches.
    Book page count: 24 pages (12 images).

    “The images in this book are transluscent waifs; as each page of the book is transparent, the images build up in layers throughout the book; sections of the image/s below the current page can be seen through onto the current page.”

    Available via our Artifacts Shop and at our Etsy shop.


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