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Audiological Transmission #29/​​​​52​​: The Quietened Bunker – Lower Level Clock Room

The Quietened Bunker-29 of 52-Keith Seatman-A Year In The Country-stroke

Audiological exploration by Keith Seatman from the album The Quietened Bunker.

Pre-order 1st August 2016. Release date 15th August 2016.

The album will be available via our Artifacts Shop, at our Bandcamp Ether Victrola and at Norman Records.

The Quietened Bunker-29 of 52-Keith Seatman-A Year In The Country-BC-stroke 2-700pxTransmission sent, received, transmitted:

There is an excellent, evocative piece on The Quietened Bunker and personal related history / explorations of an abandoned Cold War Monitoring Post by writer Simon Reynolds at his Retromania blog:

Managed to get it open and we climbed down there. The ladder was like one of those you get on the outside of a silo or inside of the turret of a submarine. At the bottom was a rather confined chamber, with bunks and loads of sandbags. There might have been some other paraphernalia down there – gas masks, maybe. What I do remember vividly is the shaft of summer light coming down the stairwell and the dust motes irradiated in it… Then we climbed back up and out and once again were surrounded by thistles and cow pats.

(If you should wander in that direction then a peruse of the comments section and related links connected to Mr Reynolds and Subterranea Britannica is highly recommended – you may well stumble upon a rather surprising piece of light-catchery from back when.)


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