Day #39/365: Burn The Witch by Ms She Rocola, a stately repose amongst the corn rigs and Victorian light catching

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    Trails and Influences: Electronic Ether. Case #3/52.

    And while we’re on the subject of folk horror (see Day #37/365 at A Year In The Country)…

    This is a song by a good friend and sometimes creative compadre Ms She Rocola (and her compatriots in sound).

    She sent me a link to it a while ago and it stuck in my mind like billy-o… it’s all glacial presentation, jade eyed jealousy and enchantment, slightly unsettling violins and a wandering off into the lost lives of the Pendle trials.

    Listen to the song here.

    It’s also accompanied by a rather fine photograph by Zoe Lloyd;  a stately repose amongst the rural landscape and corn rigs, a folkloric meandering through the textures of Sarah Moon and Deborah Turbeville (this particular entrancing of the soul was created using light catching techniques from previous eras – traditional wet plate to be more precise).

    View more here.

    Track credits:
    Music by Andrea Fiorito, Words by She Rocola.
    Violin: Andrea Fiorito, Vocals: She Rocola.
    Recorded by Andrea Fiorito & Joe Whitney 2013


    A hop and a skip to the future:

    Burn The Witch has been released as on a limited edition CD by A Year In The Country as part of our Audiological Case Studies series. View that at Day #272/365.

    She Rocola-Burn The Witch-Molly Leigh Of The Mother Town-Night Edition-box set-A Year In The Country

    She Rocola-Burn The Witch-Molly Leigh Of The Mother Town-Day Edition-Zoe Lloyd photograph-A Year In The Country


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