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Further Not-Quite-So-Mainstream Pastoralism And 1970s British Science Fiction Costume And Effects Prototyping: Wanderings #18/52a

Charles Freger-Wilder Mann-Dewi Lewis Publishing-A Year In The CountryWilder Mann 001

And while we’re talking about worrisome fantastical creatures from back when and not-quite-so-mainstream pastoralism…

The abominable snowman-doctor who-A Year In The Country-1

I find the the yetis/abominable snowmen from vintage Doctor Who rather reiminiscent of the folk costumes from over the seas in Charles Fréger’s Wilder Mann book.

Wilder Mann 008

Wilder Mann 004

In fact, many of the costumes in Wilder Mann could well be escapees (prototypes?) for the 1970s British BBC costume and creature effect department.

Wilder Mann 006

Some of my favourite photographs of the yetis are the behind the scenes ones.

They’re curiously disarming, especially considering how they once had a nation wanting to hide behind the sofa…

The abominable snowman-doctor who-A Year In The Country-2

…particularly this image with the yeti being groomed while “going over lines” with that gent from Gallifrey…


(File under: Trails and Influences / Year 3 Wanderings)

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