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Klaus Leidorf’s Aerial Archaeology: Ether Signposts #50/52a

Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-7

Over the year I’ve explored aerial views of the land and related aerial archaeology a number of times and mentioned how it can represent an “abstract art-like, natural calligraphy of the coasts, trees, natural features etc”.

Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-6

Along which lines, a while ago I came across Klaus Leidorf’s work, which in particular seems to represent or capture what look like almost staged artistic patterns and installations.

Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-5

Often his work focuses on man made structures and collections of items – stores of discarded tires become a circular semi-random repeat pattern, a coach park forms an arrow head like image – but its his images that are either purely of the natural world and/or the natural world temporarily tamed and given a degree of geometric structure or marking  by man that particularly catch my eye.

Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-4 Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-3

He has been photographing aerial archaeology since the late 1980s and a large archive of his work can be seen at his Flickr site.

Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-1 Klaus Leidorf-Aerial Archaeology-2

(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions And Destinations:
Klaus Leidorf at Flickr
A Selection Of His Work At Colossal

Local Places Of Interest:
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