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Molly Macindoe’s Out Of Order And Partying Amongst Edgeland Ghosts: Wanderings #37/52a

Molly Macindoe-Out Of Order book-1Although I was never especially drawn to the free party scene for a night (day or week or two?) out, each to their own and I have found myself somewhat entranced by Molly Macindoe’s photographs and her book Out Of Order.

Molly Macindoe-Out Of Order book-3

The book is a collection of her photography from the free party scene from over a number of years.

The images in it seem to represent a culture that belongs to a true edgelands and quite possibly to that genuine rarity nowadays – a subculture that hasn’t been incorporated or subsumed within or by mainstream commerce.

Molly Macindoe-Out Of Order book-2-The-yard-Hackney-Wick-London-1999 copy copy

To a degree it put me in mind of Tomorrow’s People book of photographs from free festivals in the 1970s but Molly Macindoe’s photographs seem to represent something much rawer, wilder, frontier like and unregulated.

And although often the parties are shown as happening in the countryside, the photographs also seem to often be a document of partying/gathering amongst the ghosts and the discarded brutalist architecture of a more overtly industrial phase of Western society.

Molly Macindoe-Out Of Order book-4

File under: Trails and Influences / Year 3 Wanderings

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