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The Quietened Cosmologists – Further Reviews and Broadcasts: Artifact Report #46/52a

The-Quietened-Cosmologists-Dawn and Night edtions-front and opened-A-Year-In-The-Country

Some further reviews and broadcasts of The Quietened Cosmologists album, which is:

“…a reflection on space exploration projects that have been abandoned and/or that were never realised, of connected lost or imagined futures and dreams, the intrigue and sometimes melancholia of related derelict sites and technological remnants that lie scattered and forgotten.”

Electronic Sound magazine-issue 35-The Quietened Cosmologists review-A Year In The Country

First up is a review in Electronic Sound issue 35 by the magazine’s Commissioning Editor Neil Mason…

…that issue has a classic 1950s/1980s style 3D cover complete with red/blue anaglyph glasses, which is a nice touch and something of a nod to the lineage of 3D now that one of the latest incarnations of 3D in the home is largely coming to an end as manufacturers have mostly stopped making 3D televisions.

The issue is available here and as part of a vinyl bundle here.

Goldmine Magazine-Spin Cycle-Dave Thompson

Next up is Dave Thompson’s review at his Spin Cycle column on Goldmine magazine’s site:

“…a rumination on what might have been – the space missions that were promised, that were planned and then abandoned, or that never got off even the figurative ground in the first place… Disconnected voices from impossible distances, radio signals, muted melodies, ambitious hope and scientific daydreams…”

Find the column here.

The Terrascope-logo and reviews image

Andrew Young reviews the album at Terrascope:

“Keith Seatman has beats a plenty like a wonky Kraftwerk after they have discovered Steve Birchall’s epic Reality Gates album, proper space rock… Listening Center  take us to a strange ticking otherworldy place, a place that feels at once vast and infinite, a haunting slice of space music… The record ends with Landfall at William Creek, David Colohan’s spectral hammered dulcimer peels away into the inky vastness of space, a beautiful end to a fine record.”

Visit the review here.

We Are Cult website logo

We Are Cult included the album in a review round up

“…it’s a cracking collection of electronica… about the abandoned, uncelebrated, and unrealised attempts to reach the stars… David Colohans desolate Landfall At William Creek perfectly evokes lonely space junk rusting in the wilderness… Keith Seatman’s 093A-Prospero is best described as a sort of interstellar Lieutenant Pigeon.”

An interstellar Lieutenant Pigeon? Well, count me in (!).

Visit the reviews round up here.

The Unquiet Meadow-radio show-Ashevill FM

The Unquiet Meadow included Pulselovers Lonely Puck amongst some fine company on their show which wanders through and explores the further reaches of folk and where they meet the spectral concerns of hauntology…

Originally broadcast on Asheville FM, browse the playlist here and the show’s site at the radio station here.

The Seance Radio show-wider logo

In a rounding the circle manner, some time A Year In The Country fellow travellers Pete Wiggs and James Papademetrie of the “phantom seaside radio” show The Séance have included David Colohan and Field Lines Cartographers tracks on two of their show.

First heard via the airwaves at Radio Reverb and Sine FM, the episodes and their playlist’s are archived here and here.

You the night and the music-radio show-mat handley-A Year In The Country

In a further rounding of the circle manner, Mat Handley of Pulselovers played David Colohan, Time Attendant and Vic Mars’ tracks on his You, the Night & the Music show.

That show was also originally broadcast on Sine FM. Visit the online archive for the episodes here and here.


The Gated Canal Community Radio Show, hosted by record labels Front & Follow and The Geography Trip, played Howlround’s track on their show.

Originally on Reform Radio, the show is archived here and here and the show’s blog can be found here.

Wyrd Daze-zine-logo

In an interconnected manner, Wyrd Daze included three tracks from the album on their Samhain Seance 6 : Triffid Witch mix, alongside tracks from Front & Follow’s 10th anniversary compilation Lessons and their Blow series, plus the likes of Leyland Kirby and The Haxan Cloak.

The online archive can be found here and details of the mix can be found here. Wyrd Daze’s main site can be found here.

The Quietened Cosmologists-landscape artwork-2

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A tip of the hat to everybody involved. The support is much appreciated.

The Quietened Cosmologists-landscape artwork-4

The Quietened Cosmologists features Field Lines Cartographer, Pulselovers, Magpahi, Howlround, Vic Mars, Unit One, A Year In The Country, Keith Seatman, Grey Frequency, Time Attendant, Listening Center, Polypores and David Colohan.

Further details can be found around these parts here, at Bandcamp here and can be previewed at Soundcloud here.


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