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A Few Ether Gatherings… Ghost Signs, The Vault of the Atomic Space Age and Avantgardens: Wanderings #48/52a

So, I was wandering around the ether a while ago and I came across a few places that variously caught my eye, intrigued me and/or made me think “I’m glad somebody’s gathered those together”…

Ghost Signs UK-A Year In The Country-stroke

Ghost Signs UK: for a while I used to collect images of these myself, I lived in an area where there seemed to be a fair few such things.

I particularly like/was drawn to the ones that are barely still there, that are literally ghosts of their former selves.

These painted, faded signs seem to form part of a semi-forgotten history of places, layers of how we once lived, worked and traded.

…and then there’s The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age…

Midcentury Modern-The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age-stroke

There’s nothing quite like a good old bit of mid-century modern take on how the future once was…

Avantgardens-Shepherd Huts In Slovena-A Year In The Country-stroke

And finally Avantgardens… a gathering of experimentation and exploration in, well, gardens (amongst other places).

The shepherd cottages from Slovenia are a thing to behold. They put me in mind of former Soviet Union folk art such as you might find in the Home-Made; Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts book or the design of Soviet bus stops in Christopher Herwig’s book of the same name.


(File under: Trails and Influences / Year 3 Wanderings)

Intertwined wanderings around these parts:
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Elsewhere in the ether:
Ghost Signs UK. The Vault of the Atomic Space Age. Avant Gardens.


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