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Not So Abounding Faceless Automatons And Not-Quite-So-Mainstream Crafting: Wanderings #17/52a

Doctor Who-Spearhead from Space-A Year In The Country

Now, in my head 1970s/early 1980s British television is awash with faceless creatures and automatons, come to carry out their wickedness and fill dreams full of night terrors.

But funnily enough when I recently(ish) looked up such things, there weren’t all that many I could find.

Actually it came down to a creature/character in Sapphire & Steel and the “still terrifying all these years later” shop dummies come to life in Doctor Who (which strictly speaking aren’t faceless but in my head they are).

I suppose that as an effect it was cheap and relatively easy to do but there is still something particularly unnerving about such featureless faces.

They crop up from time-to-time around these parts and I though I would gather a few of them together.

So, we have the aforementioned bowler hat wearing character from Sapphire & Steel…

Sapphire and Steel-A Year In The Country-3Day 25-Christopher Priest Dreams Of Wessex-A Year In The Country 5

And something of a classic and possibly one of my all time favourite book covers: the paperback cover to the virtual reality prescient pastoral-esque science fiction of Christopher Priest’s A Dream Of Wessex…

The faceless corn husk folk art-like figures from around these parts…

Corn Husk Crafts-Facklam Phibbs-A Year In The Country-1 Corn Husk Crafts-Facklam Phibbs-A Year In The Country-4 Corn Husk Crafts-Facklam Phibbs-A Year In The Country-3

Which set me a-wandering…

Corn Husk Dolly And Crafts books-A Year In The Country-4

There seem to have been a fair few books along such lines published, often from back when. And maybe it’s just me or a layering/other connections that have happened and gathered over time  but they can seem to have an air of quiet unsettledness or not-quite-so-mainstream pastoralness to them…


(File under: Trails and Influences / Year 3 Wanderings)

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